Online Learning

Workday Learning

Workday Learning offers online training courses for creatives. For example, filmmakers may find courses on how to use film production software and applications.

Yale offers free access to Workday Learning courses in leadership, professional development, creative media, and information technology to eligible faculty, student, and staff members. Courses are designed for in-depth and just-in-time instruction at various skill levels. The platform also offers some of the same courses in German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin or Brazilian Portuguese languages.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Available for free to all students, faculty, and staff through Yale’s software library, the Adobe Creative Cloud includes software used for photography, graphic design, video editing, and web development.

Highland 2 Pro screenwriting software

Available for free to all Yale students by special arrangement with Quote-Unquote Apps. Fill out this form to receive your free student license.

DaVinci Resolve

Incredibly powerful and user-friendly editing and color grading software for Mac and PC. The free version (download here) compares favorable with Premiere Pro; the paid version adds stereoscopic editing, advanced video editing, and other specialized features.

FrameForge Storyboard Studio

Build a replica of your location in virtual space, then the place virtual furniture, props, and actors. Test your shots with a virtual camera that exactly matches the sensor size and focal length of the camera you’ll use for production. A free 2-week trial is long enough for short projects; the student license costs $9/month.

No Film School

No Film School is a great resource for film-related news, content and guidance. Visit their website for more information.

Sundance Co//ab

Created by Sundance InstituteSundance Co//ab offers resources and guidance to aspiring filmmakers for free.


Youtube offers several tutorials on film related subjects. Popular profiles for film related advice include, but are not limited to Film Riot, Filmmaker IQ, and Premiere Gal.

You may also take advantage of this platform by browsing for specific instructions on how to perform a certain function on a software.