Yale has a comprehensive set of policies for student productions laid out on the Undergraduate Production website. Though most of these policies are relevant to theatrical productions, some have been adapted for film productions.

No prop weapons may be used during off-campus filming or recording.

Students wishing to use prop weapons on campus must abide by all the policies and protocols found in the Undergraduate Filmmaking Prop Weapon and Staged Combat Policy.

Requests for the use of prop weapons in on-campus filming must be submitted by the CPA deadline at the beginning of the semester in which the filming will occur, using the Film Prop Weapon Request

Yale College students on leave of absence and individuals with no current formal affiliation with Yale University may not participate in undergraduate extracurricular activities. In general, these activities are intended for enrolled students.  In extraordinary cases where no qualified enrolled undergraduate is available, the Yale College Dean’s Office may consider requests for exceptions. Complete regulations may be found in the Policies for Participation in Yale College Arts Activities.

These web pages outline the basic procedures and regulations that govern undergraduate productions. Production elements not conforming to these regulations may be cut from a production.  Failure to observe these regulations may be grounds for stopping an event.  Serious or repeated violations of these regulations will be referred to the Yale College Deans’ Office for possible disciplinary action.