Yale Student Film Archive

FilmNet archives and preserves the curricular and extracurricular films of Yale filmmakers. These works live on in the learning environment for future students to reflect upon and be inspired by. 

The creation of the Yale Student Film Archive was inspired by the filmmaking and teachings of Thomas Allen Harris, a professor of African American and Film and Media Studies at Yale.  Filmmaker and academic, Harris’ work challenges and redefines historical archives. For more information about the work of Thomas Allen Harris and his students, explore the Archive Aesthetics and Community Storytelling exhibition. The exhibition itself engages the intersecting ideas of media, artistic disciplines, and archive. 

By Nathaniel Donnett
By Nyeda Regina Stewart
By Helen Tamrat
By Nyeda Regina Stewart
By Vamba Bility
By Nicole Westfall
By Kaylen Yun
By Leila Jackson
By Marisol Lariviere
By Gwendolyn Wallace
By Anna Mikhaila Aller
By Evdoxia Ragkou
By Zyria Rodgers
By Nyamal Tuor
By Rhea Sakinah
By Alice Lieu
By TJ Noel-Sullivan